Ten Things of Thankful – Mugs of Thankfuls

It’s a Quickie List (again)

The best part about a Quickie (List, that is) is that you might have a few extra minutes to personalize it with pictures…

And to start this list of good things and thankfuls one must have not one, but two big-azz mugs of coffee. (1)


Yes, that is a Keurig and NO!, we don’t add to the landfills with empty plastic K-cups. We use reusable cups and grind our own coffee.

These two mugs are used everyday. I have had the Winnie The Pooh mug for 21 years. I had to think about that and actually do a mental timeline to recall when it was purchased. Yeah, Windows 95 and AOL were what I was doing when Pooh and Rabbit came to live in our cupboards. And of course, the Vegas mug just makes me happy. My sister sent it to me last Christmas. (2)

Wegmans Grocery World Of Amazement and Wonder. Why do I call it this? Because of this…


So much bacon in one place is truly magical. (3)

I read an article earlier this morning about submarine deployments and what the little things mean to a deployed submariner. Ice cream, people, it matters. It was a real life reminder of what I used to do and I am so THANKFUL that I never ever have to see this in my house again. Ever. (4,5, and 6)


This bush on the side of the house is so hearty we can hardly keep up with proper pruning. I love it.  (7)

Azalea - red

And the monster purple bush next to it;

Azalea - purple

Yep, I love this one, too. (8)

I love that our daughter is spending a week dog sitting Franklin, The Wonder Dog AT HIS HOUSE so we have our house all to ourselves. (9 & 10)

Franklin 7 months

And that is all for this week. I hope that your week is filled to the bursting with things to be thankful for.

Please join us in our quest to spread the idea of finding the silver linings in our days, our lives.

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About Pattie

I live in the Mid-Atlantic with my husband of 35+years. His 20 year career in the Navy serving on submarines was a struggle at times which led me to start this blog. Sometimes writing about how crappy things were can help lessen the bitterness of the memories. When writing doesn't help there is always wine. You can write to me at BitterExNukeWife@Gmail.com


Ten Things of Thankful – Mugs of Thankfuls — 37 Comments

    • I guess that we be old school, Kristi. Win 95 ’cause it was so cool! Hahaha I hope that you all have a super de-duper Fourth and Tucker’s birthday!

  1. That bacon display cracks me up. How can there be so many bacon choices for crying out loud? You might want to exchange the freshly made chocolate chip cookies for girlscout cookies, which have so many preservatives in them, they seem to last forever.

    • Bacon is meat candy so it stand to reason that would be a lot of choices. The cookies never lasted more than a few days. It was the thought but GS cookies would go along for the cruise if they were available.

  2. I don’t think I could live without my Keurig. I’m packing it for our vacation this week because I hate those crappy littel coffee pots they put in hotels. Those bushes are gorgeous. It’s so freaking hot here right now that everything is scorched but thankfully we are getting some rain now. I’m hopeful that I’ll see some pretty flowers soon but I’m sure they will still look nothing like that!
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted…No Bra, No Pants? No ProblemMy Profile

  3. 6 months in that bag?? I take bigger bags than that on a Target run! I can see how living like that would teach you to strip down to only what is essential in life. I can also see how you would reach a point of __okay, I got it and I am ready to not live this way! That’s a sacrifice I had not considered.

  4. Your azaleas are gorgeous…they remind me of my Grandmother’s. She had two exactly those colors. Miss her so much.
    Coffee – yes! Big-azz mugs? Even better. We do huge mugs around here.
    I am also a fan of Wegmans for reasons like your bacon display (and other goodies). You must not be all that far from me if you know Wegmans.
    Going back up to look at those azalea pics again…so beautiful.
    Have a great week!

    • Lisa,
      Wegmans is a great store, for the bacon, and a lot of other reasons. The azaleas were here when we bought the house, so they are probably close to 20 years old.
      Big mugs are the best.

  5. I just planted two azalea bushes an hour ago! I hope mine turn out as pretty as yours someday!
    I have taken a tour of a submarine. I cannot even imagine living in one for 6 months. The thought of being underwater like that makes me anxious, nevermind the cramped quarters. And yes, ice cream. 🙂
    Yeah, that is a lot of bacon. We don’t have a Wegmans, but thankfully, I don’t need to buy bacon. 🙂
    christine recently posted…Getting My Thankful On, TToT #106My Profile

  6. The efficiency of packing, that is an art. I could never have worked in a submarine and really admire those who could. I will be thinking about fried farts for the rest of the week.

    Those azaleas are amazing! AND all the furbaby love makes my heart pitter pat.

    • Subs are horribly small and smelly. I don’t know how the guys do it but they do. I went on a day cruise once and that was enough for me.
      We love that dog and he isn’t even ours. I dread the day that he moves away.

  7. We used to have some azaleas, but they were NOTHING compared to yours! Wow!
    I can’t imagine fitting everything I would need for 6 months in a bag that size, but I AM a fantastic packer, so I might surprise myself (I attribute my sensational packing skills to my prowess at Tetris).
    Mmmm, bacon! I rarely buy it, because it’s so stinkin’ expensive, but once in awhile, we go to a breakfast buffet and stuff ourselves on the bacon!
    Dyanne @ I Want Backsies recently posted…Be Okay, Be ThankfulMy Profile

    • Tetris would certainly hone packing skills! These azaleas are crazy hearty. We just hack ’em back every year and they grow like crazy the next year. The purple one needs a bit more attention this year, it is getting massive.
      Mmmm, bacon buffets! What a great idea!

  8. I believe your bushes are Azaleas. I do love them and they are quite large. We have a few in the front of the house but they just don’t seem to do as well up here.

    It truly was amazing how one could precisely pack everything into what was essentially a giant green bag. And then there was the smell….the boat smell that permeated everything in the bag.

    • Yep, the bushes are azaleas and they thrive in our yard. Douse yours with some Miracid (Miracle Grow with acid) and see if that doesn’t help. Maybe cover them in the winter.

      John was real good at packing a sea bag…and that is a sad thing to write. And that smell? Dear god the smell of a sub is it’s own stench to be compared with diesel fuel, dirty socks and fried farts.
      There were times that we tossed out everything when he came home as no amount of washing was going to get it clean again.

  9. I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly happy I am that you made your Keurig an ecologically responsible one. HUGE happy.

    And so much joy that you never have to see your husband’s going away kit again. Though I’d like some packing tips for him, seeing as I don’t know how to get three weeks’ worth of clothes into a carry-on case.
    Considerer recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful 106 #10ThankfulMy Profile

    • Lizzi,
      No way could we afford to buy all the prepacked coffee, if we wanted to. We are sort of coffee snobs and like to fresh grind each cup so this is working out splendidly.
      Packing Tips From John:
      Bring half as much shit, twice as much money. You won’t need half of what you bring and in Murica we pride ourselves on shopping malls. You can buy what you don’t have. Plus, your people all have washers and dryers and I bet you can run a load of laundry whenever you need to.
      See how I spoke for everyone and shared their laundry facilities with you? 😉
      If you go to Pinterest and search how to pack for three weeks in one bag you will find hundreds of boards of ideas. Good luck!

    • Clark,
      Franklin was part of rescue litter and his owners told us he is half Black Lab and Great Pyrenees. His head/face is all Lab but he has the longest tail. He is really tall and at 7 month he was as tall as another Black Lab that we know who is 4 years old. I love that dog and when he moves away I am going to have a hard time finding my way out of the sadness.

    • I know, Marcia. I was amazed at how much he could stuff into that sea bag. I usually couldn’t even lift it when it was fully loaded. I love the azaleas too. I wish the blooms lasted longer…

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