Ten Things of Thankful – And The Beat Goes On

Yea the beat goes on. The beat goes on.

Drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain…

La de da de de    la de da de da

1. We scored 860,000 points performing Kryptonite this past weekend. We impressed the beejeezus out of us.

It is 2015’s Summer Anthem. And we KILLED IT!

MD 2015

2. We may drink too much when we get together. I am sure that our livers are thankful it is only once or twice a year.


3. Wine slushies were in the other freezer.

4. And The View! You know the one.

MD 2015

5. And the dogs!

6. And my people!

My People MD 2015

7. We enjoyed each other’s company and were thankful that we all were able to get together again. It feels that the time in between visits is too long and yet the years keep rolling by. Faster and faster as we grow older it seems.

8. We made excellent time driving. Avoiding traffic on the NJ Turnpike and the connecting highways thru upstate New York is always a reason to be thankful. But to nail it in both directions, in the same trip? Well, my friends, that is the spectacular that makes a road trip extra good.

9. Re-connection with the people who mean the world to you is good for the soul. I am thankful that I still have my soul.

10. We do not care if it is freezing cold or in the heat of the summer. We will burn stuff and revel in our Smokey Ho-ness.

Fire & Mead

Ring of Fire

Cooking Over an Open Fire

And so I end this week with my spirit renewed with fresh memories of a wonderful time spent with the people who make me happy. For this I am Ten Things of Thankful.

This says it all for this week

Your hosts

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About Pattie

I live in the Mid-Atlantic with my husband of 35+years. His 20 year career in the Navy serving on submarines was a struggle at times which led me to start this blog. Sometimes writing about how crappy things were can help lessen the bitterness of the memories. When writing doesn't help there is always wine. You can write to me at BitterExNukeWife@Gmail.com


Ten Things of Thankful – And The Beat Goes On — 43 Comments

  1. How did I miss this post?

    None the less, the pictures brought a smile to my face as I look forward to Memorial Day 2016. It is certainly one of two highlights of my year…the other one being Thanksgiving.

    You guys rock and we are so fortunate to have you as our “no hassles” family.

    • Kristi,
      The Beat Goes On is a Sonny & Cher song, although Ball of Confusion is pretty decent. I want a fire pit, too. Damn suburbia and their fire control rules.

  2. May you spend many more occasions with people who make you happy! I haven’t touched Captain Morgan’s since college, although I still have a mostly empty bottle in case anyone else wants it. Oh, and that fire pit is gorgeous! I’d trade my stove and oven for that.
    Dana recently posted…The world needs more happyMy Profile

    • Thank you for always reading my blathering, Sandy. It is very serene with the waterfall, not so much when Maisey (one of the dogs) is jumping into the pond!

    • That little house is actually a shed that houses the riding lawnmower, snow blower, several wheel barrows, and a host of gardening tools. So it not only has a door, it has an overhead door and a movable ramp! I kind of love visiting these folks and their dogs. I agree…dogs…perfect lifeforms.

  3. Pattie this whole post just OOZES with the wonderful time that you had, and the soul-deep importance of having Your People, and reconnecting with them in a place and ways that you all know, and which are stalwart parts of your inner and outer lives. It feels like nourishment. It feels like perfection.

    I’m so happy for you. Thank you for sharing this.
    Considerer recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful #102My Profile

    • Dyanne,
      We did eat, actually quite a lot but the hot dogs were the most fun! We do love that beautiful place and are always thankful to be invited back.

  4. What a fun time. And great weather. Nothing like good friends having a good time. And a big “amen” to how fast time keeps rolling along. Faster and faster. It does make the good times all the sweeter.

  5. I’m jealous, too! 🙂 Your Memorial Day weekend looks and sounds so excellent! What a beautiful place to stay – and surround by friends to boot …. perfect! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time, and I love that you shared your great pictures. I laughed at the hot dog one, too. Not a hot dog. 🙂 Great post!
    Marcia @ Blogitudes recently posted…All Kinds of ThankfulMy Profile

  6. AWESOME PHOTOS! Made me laugh out loud! That is one HELL of a cooked hotdog! And Ted the ewok! I suspect he looks a bit like skip/doug… also of ewok relation!

    • Those dogs are the best dogs that I have ever met. All them do agility and are well behaved. Thanks for loving the pictures. I have fun editing them.

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