Ten Things of Thankful – One Hundred Weeks

I came to this blog hop to save my mental health and to restore my happiness. I was spending far too much time being miserable and there was no reason for it. Except maybe I was focusing on the things that bugged me, or stuff that I have no control over. Or maybe it was the junk that I wouldn’t let go of. You know what I’m talking about – that miserable shit that clutters your mind, fogs your brain, and tears at your heart until your everything is rusty. No good ever comes from the mind of a person who can not see the Silver Linings.

I knew about Lizzi and her roving band of blog hoppers; these happy few that shared the good things and the good stuff with each other. You know them as Ten Things of Thankful bloggers.

At the risk of exposing my faults and flaws, I joined this fabulous group of blog hoppers who were already closing in on a year of blogging goodness. People who shared all the things about their week that they deemed worthy of sharing.

Sometimes a week was filled with the kind of happy that makes you jump out of your chair and give fist pumps to the air and drives to you post a comment that says stuff like “Hell YES!”.

On occasion a Ten Things of Thankful post is about a sad event and the Silver Lining, the thankful that is found is the fact that they had an audience that they can spill their written tears on and find comforting words in the comments. Words of experience, of hope, and of love. Words to help them heal and move on.

And sometimes the content is just everyday things that don’t suck; fresh-baked cookies, a fresh pot of your favorite tea or coffee, or a bunch of wild flowers that a small child picked just for you. These are things that are considered Silver Linings. And these are the things that help us move past the events and people who do not add good to our lives.

This week is a milestone. It is a number so big that a third digit had to be added to the end of the previous week’s number. It is Week 100. One hundred weeks of thankfuls and Silver Linings. Say it with me, people, ONE HUNDRED WEEKS of Ten Things of Thankful. Just one month shy of two full years of a blog hop whose only criteria is to encourage people to look for the good things in their life. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

What this group has done for me is immeasurable.

I can type “thank you” a thousand times and it will not be enough.

If I called Lizzi in England to tell her what a wonderful thing she created with her TToT hop it wouldn’t do any good. Because I would just listen to her lovely accent and never speak myself. Who wants to hear my voice when an English Lady is speaking?

It is fun to heap praises on the worthy. They shuffle their feet, they mumble that they didn’t do anything special (but they did do lots of special things), they say things like “anyone could do this” or “I had a lot of help”. Yea yea yea.

You did what no one else would do, or thought to do. You did such a good thing when you shared your thankfuls with us.

The internet is a better place because of Lizzi and her Guard of Nine along with their trusty Book of Secret Rules / Secret Book of Rules that keeps all of us honest when counting out our lists

I won’t focus this week’s post on me by counting off ten things that I am thankful for. Oh yes, I will do exactly that. This week I am thankful for these 10 people who are the backbone of this blog hop. Please go and read every one of their posts for this week. You may find some new favorite writers to follow and for that they would be thankful.

I give to you the Ten Things Of Thankful hosts:

1.  A Fly on Our (Chicken Coop) Wall

2.  Amycake and The Dude

3.  Considerings

4.  Finding Ninee

5.  Getting Literal

6.  I Want Backsies

7.  The Meaning of Me

8.  Thankful Me

9.  uncharted

10.  the Wakefield Doctrine

And just for good measure, there is a Facebook group right here and you can join it if you want.

Next week I will be in one of my most favorite places in the world so I can’t guarantee a post.  I will do my best. Until then, I hope that your coming week is full of people and things to be thankful for.


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About Pattie

I live in the Mid-Atlantic with my husband of 35+years. His 20 year career in the Navy serving on submarines was a struggle at times which led me to start this blog. Sometimes writing about how crappy things were can help lessen the bitterness of the memories. When writing doesn't help there is always wine. You can write to me at BitterExNukeWife@Gmail.com


Ten Things of Thankful – One Hundred Weeks — 28 Comments

  1. Such a lovely post to such a great group!! Lizzi is a huge reason I’m still blogging at all. I met so many wonderful people, including you!
    Love that view!!

  2. Ohhh PATTIE *beaming all over her face*

    It’s been such a manic week, what with 1000Speak clashing with the TToT 100 and Vince moving in and I’ve just been in such a flurry to keep up! Finding this beautiful tribute to our blog hop is just such a lovely thing! I feel like I’ve sunk into a warm bubble-bath, reading it – you’ve really embodied all the beautiful things that this hop is, and will continue to be.

    Thank you for this beautiful post, and for your reminiscences. I remember when you first joined, you really didn’t think you’d be able to come up with ten each week, and you’ve done SO SO WELL, and turned into rather a champion for the hop, which is so special 🙂
    Considerer recently posted…The Village needs a HUB – #1000SpeakMy Profile

  3. Thank you for your visit to my blog.

    I’ve been taking part in Ten Things of Thankful for about one year, and I’m sure that it have had a good influence on my life. I’m also thankful for the hosts of this blog hop.
    Romi recently posted…After Six Sunny DaysMy Profile

  4. Wow Pattie. Excellent post! Thank you for expressing what so many of us feel and I’m glad that you are a part of this awesome experience:)

    And thanks for posting everyone’s link! I’m going to go right down the line:)

    Have a great time next week in your favorite place!!
    GirlieOnTheEdge recently posted…The Edge of Yesterday & 100 TToTsMy Profile

    • You, Me and all the hawt men on TV. WE can do anything we put our minds to, Sandy! I am so so very glad that you came back with Honest Sinner. This hop is pretty much the best thing on the internet.

  5. I love to hear how impactful this hop has been for so many people. When Lizzi first came up with the idea, we had no idea how it would fly. It hasn’t just flown. It has soared. It truly is a loving, supportive, helpful group, made wonderful by everyone who joins in.
    Have a great time on your trip!
    Christine recently posted…HAPPY 100 WEEKS TO THE TTOT!!!My Profile

    • Christine,
      TToT is one of the best ideas ever. When I first joined my therapist (whom I have since left) she jokingly said that she & Lizzi should trademark and franchise TToT. She knows now that TToT is greater than her! It is impactful in so many good ways.
      Thank you for all of your kinds words for all these weeks!

    • Thank you so much Dyanne,
      Even on the weeks when I don’t contribute I do my best to read and share. This group is just too good to not share. And I truly am a happier person – I’m ‘forced’ to be! 😉

    • May,
      And aren’t they a grand bunch of co-hosts?! Each one is so different in their views and writing styles. No cookie-cutter bloggers in this hop!

    • Happy 100 Weeks, Lisa. Thank you for your kinds words. I know that I am grateful for all of the time and effort The Guard Virgins put into this hop every week. Thank you!

  6. Aw!! I just love to read how this link up has impacted you! What a powerful thing gratitude can be, and I too am thankful for that LIZZI for being, well… LIZZI in all her wondrous ways.

    I’m so glad you joined the blog hop!!
    Chris Carter recently posted…The Garden of GratitudeMy Profile

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