Ten Things of Thankful #16 An Anniversary Edition

The weeks since my last TToT post have been mentally exhausting due to my job. I am typing, copying and pasting, extracting pages from PDFs, cropping pictures, footnoting, indexing, restarting Word due to unexplained shutdowns, the list goes on of the exciting things I am doing all in the name of corrosion.  This project means that I am glued to my computer at work and the last thing that I want to do is more computering at home.  I did scratch out a post for Veterans Day, and Lizzi, our Fearless TToT Leader and Head Guard Virgin, wrote a delicious little horror story (for ME!) that I shared with the world here but otherwise I haven’t done any writing.

Just because I have not been motivated to write doesn’t mean that good things haven’t been going on in my life.  They have been happening and I am overjoyed to be sharing some of them with you now.

1. This week we celebrated our 33rd anniversary. Thirty-three years of being married to the most wonderful husband in the universe is a lot of Ten Things of Thankful. So much so that this entire list will be dedicated to the wonderful people, places, and things that I have experienced in the last 33 years. The SBoR/BoSR Rule 33A subset jp states; when a life event is the topic of a TToT post allowances are made so that the list may be inclusive of the aforementioned life event. Or exclusive of other subject matters that would be, in different circumstances, proper TToT list content.

2. We didn’t move as often as most families who spend 20 years in a military career and this fact is a TToT in and of itself. We did however live in very cool places.

3. You may recall this post when I was sharing the highlights of a trip my husband & daughter took to reconnect with her past and Groton and Mystic, CT were a huge part of that trip.  This area is quintessential New England with deep roots in the Navy. While we lived here I was able to tour a lot of other places including Plymouth and Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, RI and Long Island, NY by way of a ferry. Lots of great memories and some of our oldest friends were met and made while we were stationed in Groton.

We were assigned to our first submarine and the friends we made were all newlyweds, the same as us. The wives were all learning how to live the Navy Wife Dream and the guys were settling in the routine of being on a submarine. Our daughter was born here. Looking back I think that we all did pretty good. Thankfuls all around for the people we met all those years ago.

4. After Groton we moved (back) to Saratoga Springs, NY.  Even if you are geographically challenged you should know that Saratoga Springs is in Upstate New York and a quick check on Google Maps shows that the closest port is Groton, CT and that it is 190 miles to the south. So what is a sailor doing in Upstate New York?  The US Navy, in their infinite wisdom, chose Ballston Spa, NY as one of the areas to have a nuclear power training facility for sailors to learn how to safely operate nuclear reactors BEFORE going to sea. The training course was about 6 months and that is why we went there when we were first married. We went back so my husband could be an instructor.

Originally it was a three-year tour but we stayed for a bit longer than five years.  We bought our first home in Saratoga Springs. Our daughter was two and a half when we moved there and had finished first grade when we left. The thankful here is that we didn’t have to deploy while stationed in the mountains!

5. We had some serious fun living in Saratoga Springs. We were old enough to know our limits yet still young enough to appreciate a massive pub crawl when the four-day weekends would roll around.  Saratoga is a lovely little Victorian town that is home to world-class horse racing and the healing waters of natural springs. That’s right folks, the Sport of Kings is the driving force behind Saratoga’s economy. That and the nasty tasting springs that are supposed to be healing and all that other malarkey that people used to believe in.

The Rich & Famous come to Saratoga in the summer for horse racing season; the tagline is “Saratoga – The August Place To Be”. The whole town turns out for racing season and the festive mood is infectious, much like the Christmas Holidays.

The schedule the guys worked was arduous and the winters were wicked cold. But we had fun living here. There were so many things to do including concerts at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), going to the flat track and harness tracks for horse racing. We snow skied in the winter and water skied in the summer. The Adirondacks are beautiful and there was no shortage of outdoor activities regardless of the season.  Our memories from living here are all good so that my friends is another thankful.

6. Our best friends, you know, the ones with The View and The Dogs?


We met the husband half of that team as he was a (single) sailor and he and my husband worked together. Although we lost contact for a while we found our way back and took up right where we left off.  His wife (she was not a part of his life in those early years) welcomed us into her life that she is building with our old friend. This is how we knew that she is just perfect for him, and for us. And we are thankful to have reconnected to the best people we know.

7. We left Saratoga Springs and moved to Chesapeake, VA which is a few miles south of Virginia Beach. My husband was stationed at Norfolk Naval Base and we lived here for eight years. We bought a gorgeous colonial home on a massive lot that kept me in great shape as we had a push mower and my husband was ALWAYS deployed. In fact, he would fertilize the freaking acreage and then go away for four to six months leaving me to mow, and mow, and mow.

The area we lived in was close to the North Carolina line so we had a lot of exposure to Southern manners, hospitality, and accents.  Y’all know what I mean? We had annual passes to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, we went to the beach often, we survived many close calls with hurricanes, and enjoyed living in the climate of Southern Virginia. We made friends and influenced people. Some of our best stories are from living in Virginia. I earned my degree while we lived here and our daughter spent the years of her life from 2nd grade through the first quarter of 9th grade here. This was a good place, a TToT place.

8. We have been retired for 15 years.  I can honestly say that we have been happier these past 15 years than we ever have been. Absence makes the heart go fonder but daily interaction with the one you love is just freaking amazing. I am thankful that our marriage was strong enough to make the transition from Navy Life to Civilian LIfe.

9. No matter how many mornings I wake up and my husband is laying next to me I am very freaking thankful for that.

10.  We are happy. I have my bouts with insecurities and doubts but in my marriage, I am happy. We love each other in spite of our most grievous faults.  We both are truly thankful, and sometimes a bit amazed that in this whole great big world we found each other.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend and that the coming week brings many things to be thankful for.

Please join the rest of the Ten Things of Thankful group as they share the events and people in their lives that they are grateful for.

I hope that everyone has a wonder-filled week.

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Ten Things of Thankful #16 An Anniversary Edition — 21 Comments

    • That garden is amazingly beautiful and the waterfall is mesmerizing! I have all kinds of great ideas for planting as well and when spring comes…I don’t do it.

  1. Can’t believe that it has been that long but then again, I can. The other night we were having dinner with the MIL and someone asked about Thanksgiving. I started explaining how I worked with John and then we lost touch for a bit. That bit was 20 years. So, Happy Anniversary to the two greatest people that I lost and then found. We had a great time with you and feel free to mark it on the calendar for next year!!

    • It is hard to believe that time goes by so fast. Before you know it 20 years are gone. We totally loved Thanksgiving with you guys. I’ll let the fam know the invite has been extended!

  2. Happy Anniversary Patti! and to your husband and best friend as well! What a truly uplifting post today. Not that your other posts are not lol This one was special. I could hear it in your words:)
    God bless you for living in upstate NY. I lived in R.I. most of my life and winters there were enough for me!
    I will take note of Rule 33A subset jp of the BOSR/SBOR. You know. Just in case….
    GirlieOnTheEdge recently posted…“Bringin’ Me Down”? Shit No! It’s Grand FunkMy Profile

    • Thank you for your kind words and best wishes. The SBoR/BoSR is a wonderful tool so feel free to use it as often as you can.
      Winters in NY were special. Good thing we liked to snow ski!

    • I love when the BoSR/SBoR comes to my rescue! It is a handy dandy tool for writers! I have often thought about the proximity of where I used to live to where the Doctrine and Una hang out. It IS a small world.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful life together!
    I’ve been to many of the places you were stationed – kind of wonder if our paths ever crossed or nearly did. So many of these places are truly beautiful and rich in history. I enjoyed revisiting them through your tale here.
    Happy anniversary to you both – may you have many many more!
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted…TToT – Decking the HallsMy Profile

  4. I’ve never known two people more perfect for each other! Reading the details of your life together was wonderful! Love it!!

  5. OH I love this post! Very Happy Anniversary to two amazing people! I love your friends view, too. Gorgeous. That is quite an accomplishment, Navy Life to Civilian Life, I can’t imagine. Marriage is hard enough not having to deal with all of that.
    I know what you mean about North Carolina. So beautiful. I spent a week in South Carolina, and the people were the unforgettable. The scenery was gorgeous, the fresh seafood delicious, but the people?! Like characters out of a charming book.
    Love the use of SBoR/BoSR, that document fascinates me. I picture it like the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter, which is ONLY visible to wizards if they tap their wands on it just so, and whisper the words
    “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”
    Otherwise, the map is just blank paper.
    Joy Christi recently posted…The Weirdest Summing Up You’ll See All Week. Probably.My Profile

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