Ten Things of Thankful #7

Lucky number 7, folks! Step right up and take a chance that TToT #7 is a worthy read.

I am impressed with myself that I have been faithful to TToT for seven weeks straight. It is practically a habit. I haven’t posted anything else during this time but I have been motivated to write four posts that are still in draft form, and one is ready to publish as soon as I take a few pictures to liven up the content.

Pictures will be a recurring theme-lette in this post.

The past week was a little less crazy as my daughter was away on a house sitting job and my niece sequestered herself in her room to finish her packing so she could move into her apartment near campus. She and I are not even in the same book on what the definition of packed is.

This is her idea of packed.

All packed up!


As we continue to look for a new job for my husband and discussing our options we are entertaining the idea of staying in this area. Knowing that staying is an option helps to narrow down what I search for. I am not opposed to moving but financially it would be prudent to stay here for at least five more years. Unless the Bellagio calls, then we are so gone. In light of this new option (staying here for now) I give you Thankful #1 – I have fewer job descriptions to read through. And reading job descriptions for his area of expertise is so fracking boring.

We went to dinner at Ruth’s Chris on Saturday. Just the two of us.


Thankful #2 – A bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with medium rare steaks.

And this is where I am failing as a blogger – pictures. I don’t take enough pictures, or I think about taking a picture after it is too late. For instance, our waiter, Zach, had decanted the bottle of cab into a pretty decanter and it would have made a lovely picture especially as there were rose petals on the table. After we had finished the wine I had this fabulous lightbulb moment that I should have taken pictures before the meal was over. So, imagine if you will, a lovely decanter of cab on a white tablecloth, with rose petals. What you get from me is a picture of an empty wine glass as this is when I had my lightbulb moment. Boo to me for failing at pictures.


Thankful #3 – I love my husband and I love that he is a people watcher / listener like I am. Call us nosey if you want but when you can hear the conversation being held at the table over there then I don’t think it is being nosey as much as just primal curiosity kicking in. We snorked (thank YOU, Lizzi for this word. I love it!) when we heard their order. We might be a bit snobbish but I really don’t think that we are. It’s just that we know right from wrong when ordering steaks.

Thankful #4 – I am thankful that I would never order a filet mignon medium-well and drink a Coors Light with it at a restaurant that charges $50 for the piece of meat.

Thankful #5 – I am thankful that I would never order a filet mignon well-done and drink some wine punch served over ice with it at restaurant that charges $50 for the piece of meat.

You can judge me all you want; I don’t care. If you want to eat meat that is ‘well done’ then eat at nice restaurants. Nice restaurants always cook their meat ‘well’. If you want to eat meat that has been left on the heat until all the flavor has been cooked out of it and it is brown all the way through that is called shoe leather and you should not waste a good piece of meat because you hate tender flavorful beef. The Outback does not use Prime grade beef so you should go there to have your over-cooked steak. Moving on, then.

Thankful #6 – I am thankful that I never was the entitled teen girl at another table near us who was so unimpressed with her surroundings that all she could do was roll her eyes at the conversation happening at her table and order lamb chops, well done. Again, when you can hear the conversation happening it isn’t nosey. Since I failed to get a picture of the bored little princess you will have to recall a similar moment in your own life that you can substitute in here. I bet that everyone has experienced a bored and annoyed teenager. I am judging this situation because the nicest place my parents ever took us for dinner was Sizzler. Which for those of who don’t know, Sizzler is a chain of steak restaurants that are just one step up from fast food.

Thankful #7 – I took a picture of dessert. The thankful here is that I remembered to take the picture, not the picture itself. We ordered the dessert because it was calorie free. Fruit was the main ingredient, and everyone knows that fruit acts as a calorie deleter when it is used in desserts, smoothies, and ice cream. And boozy drinks.

Thankful #8 – I give you a before and after of Banana Cream Pie, à la Ruth’s Chris.



I believe that since we shared the calorie-free dessert that all of the wine calories were deleted as well.

Thankful #9 – Valet parking. Just screw parking yourself and walking when valet is available. I am not a snob but I know when to walk and when to valet.


Thankful #10 – All in all another week of good things. I am thankful for all the things, big and little when they serve to make life happier, calmer, funnier, more productive.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week ahead.

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Ten Things of Thankful #7 — 30 Comments

  1. Well crap!! I didn’t know I was screwing up my meat so bad!! ALTHOUGH- I might add, we can’t afford the nice steaks anyway. So there’s that. LOLOL

    You crack me up!! Glad you had such a lovely date together with the hubs. And I LOVE that you have made this a habit!
    Chris Carter recently posted…Dear Teacher…My Profile

  2. Steak snob or not, there is a way to eat it, although I cannot eat my steak rare I do enjoy a medium rare to medium provided that the outside is seared and browned nicely..unfortunately i cannot drink wine and my meal would be accompanied by either a mixed drink or a beer, but i assure you Coors, and Bud would not be requested
    – its crafts beer or some sort of an IPA that is on my list. Thank you for clearing up the calories that fruit dessert have, it is such a relief.
    Marisa recently posted…Ten Things of Thankfuls On VacationMy Profile

    • Marisa,
      I like a good craft beer and am quite fine with one with steak. It’s the whole Coors Light thing that is so wrong. Glad I could help with the calorie confusion, it can be a bit tricky sometimes knowing which calories count and which ones don’t.

  3. Nothing quite like a good steak dinner with a good wine. My husband cringes and then shakes his head with disdain whenever he hears people order anything more than rare. I usually stick with medium rare myself, but I’ve also been known to inadvertently enjoy a rare just as much.
    I always forget pictures. I read somewhere that it makes your blog “bad.” Oh well. Then I guess mine is bad because I always forget! I go through phases – sometimes I have pics to use, others not. Sometimes I get irritated that I find myself searching for a photo when one just really doesn’t fit.
    People-watching is fascinating – could do it for hours!
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted…TToT – Disappearing ActMy Profile

    • Pictures and blogs are like peas and carrots. They go together. except I rarely have the pictures either. I could just shrug it off but then I see the post sans pictures and it is like so many words. And who wants words in a blog post? It is crazy I tell you.

  4. So, um, I love steak but I might be one of those people you don’t like (weep). At some point, I think when I was pregnant and had weird cravings, I just started to like it less and now want it to be brown. I KNOW I KNOW it’s stupid and tragic (I grew up in Colorado and my mom’s husband and she are in Montana and I eat antelope which OMG so good) but something happened. I dunno, and I know I don’t deserve to order it any longer so usually, I just get the chicken. lol
    Love this post!! And I miss good steak!!! Also, wine is always good calories. I’m having some now.
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…I’m Terrified of Kindergarten, and Thankful For This SummerMy Profile

  5. Don’t feel bad. I don’t think my pictures are that great either! I love steak! These pictures were nice. I’ve never heard of this particular one but I’ve been eye balling Longhorn Steakhouse and beef has been a constant craving since I’ve been pregnant these So funny you and your niece’s ideas of packing.
    Brittnei recently posted…My Life Lines Up With The SeasonsMy Profile

    • Haha I know. My niece left the room like this. I guess she forgot it is my spare room and I may want to have company now that she has moved closer to campus.

  6. Your description of people-watching at the restaurant reminded me of a scene from the movie Date Night.

    My husband has gotten good at reminding me to take photos of food prior to eating. Of course, if you had forgotten to take a photo of that banana cream pie, you would have had to order another piece of calorie-free dessert. Sometimes being too hasty with the camera = a missed opportunity for another slice of pie! 🙂
    Kristi recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful: BYU Education Week 2014 EditionMy Profile

    • Kristi,
      I love your justification of second desserts. Sometimes I wish that I would have just skipped every other course except desert and then had two.
      I haven’t seen Date Night. I should probably get off the internet once in awhile and watch some movies.

    • I know, right. I have a lot of God damn it moments when it comes to pictures. A picture of green hot dog buns could have been used in so many ways. I feel your angst.

  7. I could picture your dinner perfectly, mostly all of your fellow diners. You weren’t judging, those well-done orderers were just plain wrong. They really should have gone to Sizzler. (I totally know what Sizzler is!)
    I’m always shocked when I see kids at fancy, expensive restaurants. Pretty sure little kids aren’t developed enough to appreciate such things. And most teenagers aren’t either.
    It made me laugh that you forgot to take the pretty picture of the wine, but totally remembered to take a photo of the valet. Was he surprised that you wanted to take it?
    That dessert looks fantastic.
    christine recently posted…Power, Peeps, Potatoes, and People Please Me, TToT Week 62My Profile

    • Brooks the Valet was spot on, too! He popped that pose in an instant! I was on a picture taking roll once I realized that I had missed a few opportunities. I wonder too about kids / angsty teens in nice places but maybe that is the norm for their family. Lucky little brats if it is the normal.

  8. People-watching is a FAVOURITE thing of mine, as long as I don’t have my phone, because then it’s Facebook and Twitter.

    I kind of love that you’re a steak snob. I once saw a sign in a restaurant which described their steak:

    Rare – perfect.
    Medium rare – okay, we’ll let you off.
    Medium – if you *really* have to.
    Well-done – have you seen our burger menu?

    I wouldn’t know what a $50 steak tastes like, nor am I familiar enough with wine to abbreviate its name…but I DO know that (the above).

    I’m glad you like ‘snorked’ and that you used it 😀 Allegedly the originator of the term posted it as a typo, but I loved it so much I made it a ‘thing’ 🙂
    Considerer recently posted…Ten Things of Thankful #62My Profile

  9. I think you’re doing fine with the photos/words thing.
    I tend to forget and/or not have get-out-phone-swipe-touch-icon skills so highly developed, but then again, I am not a photographer, so my first instinct is to notice and reflect on experiences, as opposed to photographing, noticing and after checking picture, reflecting on the experience guy.
    Glad you’re joining us her at TTotville
    clark recently posted…TToT the Wakefield Doctrine (‘if I write tomorrow’s Post today, does that give me an extra day of life or does it use one up?’)My Profile

    • Clark,
      I am usually enjoying the moment(s) which is the biggest reason that I forget to get pictures. I just have to get faster with the actual picture taking so it doesn’t interfere with the moment and then I will have pictures for the blog.

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