A Short List of Things That Make Me Happy

It is pretty and it makes me happy.

I am a rather easy to please person. High maintenance has never been used (except in jest) to describe me. My tastes are not fancy or expensive.  I am a pearls-and-a-polo-shirt kind of girl.  I could be a diamonds-and-blue-jeans girl except that combination usually requires some level of bitchy high-heels and anymore I like to stay close to the ground in case I imbibe too much.  Which does happen. Now and then.  Ok, more now than then.

This post is about two things that make me a happy person; Booze, and gifts that are useful as well as personal. If the gift is consumable then it is a huge tic mark in the Win column.  I am in the stage of my life where I am getting rid of things in my home.  We are down-sizing.  At least we have begun to downsize so I am not real keen on bringing more things into the house.  My current goal is to get rid of enough ‘stuff and things’ in our house that I have empty rooms.  Seriously.  I want to move into a one (maybe two) bedroom condo, and spend all of my time either on the internet or traveling. Road trips in an RV, thank you very much.  Condo in Vegas?  Dream come true.

I don’t need 3,000 square feet of stuff and things to accomplish this.  This is why I love consumable gifts.  You know, gift cards to restaurants, bottles of booze or wine that I like, gift cards to the grog shop (The Boozery, the liquor store; whatever you call it), gas gift cards, VISA gift cards, Southwest gift cards, gift cards to any MLife resort in Vegas.  Don’t tell me that you don’t know what to get me for a gift giving event. You just aren’t listening to the English that I am speaking if you say that to me.  And as ungrateful as it may sound, I would rather have nothing than another something that I have to find a place for in my house to store/display/dust/wash, whatever.  Unless?  You give me wine glasses.  Then we are good. Totally. Good.

Is it just a coincidence that this is my #BirthdayMonth and I am talking about gifts? Maybe. Maybe not.

This cork wreath was a gift in that it was made for me, and it is useful because it is going to decorate the area we have designated as Wine-utopia in our basement.  It will hang over my wine refrigerator. And when I move into my dream condo it will go with me. It is useful. I love it because I drank every bottle of wine that these corks were pulled from; therefore it fulfills the requirement of being personal.

CorkWreathI drank all of the wine.  Ok, my darling husband helped.  Maybe my daughter and niece helped as well but, no one else.  The wine made me exceptionally happy.  Well, most of it did.

Some of what we drank was just suck but, it was a learning curve I was willing to go around.  After all, how else can we finish a 24 lesson course in discovering wine if we don’t drink a few bottles that we just are not going to like?

The wreath was made by a friend because? I am so non-crafty I can’t work a hot glue gun.  See the bow?  She made that too.  Red burlap and some crafty twisting and viola! A pretty bow.  I can barely tie shoe laces so crafting something like this would not happen at my  hands. Ever.

My next project is to drink enough more wine so that I can give her the corks needed for a wreath she can make for herself.  I may not be able to use a hot glue gun but I can drink some wine. Am I awesome?  Or what?

Another gift that made me happy was this delightful jar of deliciousness.


It was nestled in a Tupperware-type of container that was filled with dozens of homemade Christmas Cookies and a bottle of DVX bubbly.  Now this is some damn delicious wine.


The bonus multiplier that made this gift basket so amazingly special is that my friend, Gorgeous, and her equally terrific husband, G-Man, drove to see us and hand deliver all of the deliciousness to us in Las Vegas when we were there over the holidays.  Best Christmas to date; damn delicious bubbly, Christmas Cookies, Pirate Peach & Rum Jam, Gorgeous, G-Man, and my amazing husband all together in one of my favorite places, Las Vegas.

There was no shame when we finished off those cookies less than two days later.

There was sadness though, when I tried to order more of the jam.  This is their website but it is broken http://www.mclarensshortbread.com/  They are located in Valencia, CA so if any of you are near there you should go and buy all of their stuff.  And send some of it to me, please.

Here is a little math quiz for you. I was given two boozes in one basket of awesomeness. How would you write that in an equation?  One booze  + one booze = 2 boozes. Which in turn equaled 2 Boozy Floozy’s.

I may not be crafty but I do try to be a good friend so when Gorgeous had her birthday in February I filled that Tupperware-type of container right up with Birthday Cookies (which are like Christmas Cookies except that they are baked for a birthday instead of Christmas) and sent G-Man $$$ to buy a bottle of DVX for her.  See, they live in California, and sadly, I live 2,678 miles away so I was not able to hand deliver anything.  If I could move closer to them, I would.

This where a picture of the Birthday Cookies should be, except I didn’t take a picture of them.  -1 for bad blogging habits.  +1 for using any picture of cookies!

So this is a short List of Things That Make Me Happy.  It does not take much.  And all of this comes down to just two things: the need for material things, or justifying more booze. I don’t need more material things.


About Pattie

I live in the Mid-Atlantic with my husband of 35+years. His 20 year career in the Navy serving on submarines was a struggle at times which led me to start this blog. Sometimes writing about how crappy things were can help lessen the bitterness of the memories. When writing doesn't help there is always wine. You can write to me at BitterExNukeWife@Gmail.com


A Short List of Things That Make Me Happy — 13 Comments

  1. I has something for you! Arghhhhh. But my getting to the post office is a blog of its own. Will get it to you soon…Trust me…..LOL

  2. Not only are you awesome and a talented wine drinker, but you are BRILLIANT for choosing to be friends with people who help you drink AND who reward your efforts with crafty decor! I was on a “give practical or decorative home” gifts for a while, but now that I’m looking at moving, I’m saying “GET RID OF ALL THE THINGS!” Happy Birthday month since it is still April.
    Samantha recently posted…Is Positive Parenting Making My Son Weak?My Profile

    • Samantha,
      Moving is the best way I know of the purge your home of all the things. Our last move was 14 years ago and I am overwhelmed and not impressed with the amount of crap and clutter we have now. Moving every 5-ish years used to keep us pretty lean.
      And I do love my wine drinking friends. You would be one I am sure if we lived closer.

  3. What a wonderful post! I am always so surprised at all you can manage to write with just a drop of inspiration. I absolutely LOVE this blog and the person who writes it! I am SO proud to be considered a good friend of yours and I am just SO SO excited that you have a photo on here of the cork wreath crafted just for you (by me!) Keep being awesome!

  4. How wonderful and what a great idea! I just can’t believe how many good ideas you come up with for your blog posts! I am also SO proud to be called a good friend and to have one of my crafts featured on your blog! Next stop…business cards!!!

    • CEG!
      I have so many ideas and no time to writer them out! Thank you for being a good friend. And for the wreath! I lurvs it!
      Business cards…yes! And wine.

  5. Ooh, now I have to try that DVX wine. Apparently McLaren’s is available at the Farmer’s Market only in Valencia, or you can call their number, but they don’t have a storefront. That’s quite alright. Gives m an excuse to go to the Valencia Farmer’s Market 😉

    • Heather,
      It is pretty yummy. I am jelly that you can get to Valencia Farmer’s Market. I may have to call them. Thank you for the current contact information.

  6. I’m with you on gift cards. I love Home Depot or Lowe’s gift cards as gifts. That is how I fund my assorted household projects. I will also say you are a good….no, great friend. Love you to death. Absolutely 100% genuine and just a lot of fun to hang around with. Can’t wait to see you and John again.

    • Dawgz,
      Your household projects rawk. I am going to do a post about your back yard (with your permission and approval of course) after our next visit. Thank you for the kind words, I just love you both, too. 41 days until we are there! wooHoo! and Rock Band! Wine slushies! Happiness! Harry!

        • Harry can have pizza, if you are willing to share with him, and Maisey gets wine slushies. Well, as long as Dawgz & I are willing to share with her. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

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