How I Plan To Celebrate My Birthday Month

April is my Birthday Month and this year I am going to celebrate it by doing something special just for me. It is very Gen N-titled behavior to celebrate your birthday every day of your month by buying yourself a present, having spa treatments, indulging in a designer purse and/or pair of shoes. Bubbly for lunch?  Why not?!  It’s your Birthday Month and you deserve to be special! Boutique de le Rue La La?  Shop on, Birthday Girl!  Buy all the things this month!

Be extra demanding when ordering your usual Skim Soy Lite Caramel foam-on-the-bottom-and top-but-not-mixed-into-the-middle Stirred Two Times To The Left With An Eight Second Squirt Of LITE Whipped Cream Latte, With Extra Nuts, please.  Ask for a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on top. And a swirl or three of chocolate syrup. Go ahead, it’s your Birthday Month and you are entitled to the extra attention.  After all, you only turn special once a year!

Oh I’m special. And fancy! #BirthdayMonth

Don’t you worry about being an imposition to anyone else either.  They need to just get on board for your 30 days of self-celebration and either be happy that you are special (again) or they can just move on out of your birthday way.

When you aren’t shopping and indulging yourself make sure that you tell everyone that you come in contact with “It’s my birthday today”! in the hopes that you get a freebie of some sort, or at least a verbal acknowledgement that you are special today.  Verbal affirmations from complete strangers  is vital to the over all success of your month-long endeavor. Do this every day. Every. Single. Day. Of the month.

On the date that really IS your birthday whip out your driver’s license and let all of the people in hearing distance share in the super compliment that when you were getting your licensed renewed that morning the person taking your picture said that you didn’t look a day over 19 (even if they didn’t).  Strike your pose Girl, ’cause you are cute as hell, and you know it! And? You are special today!  Say it out loud; Hashtag #BirthdayMonth!

To be fair, not all of us are shopping our budgets into the red and acting totes adorbs everywhere we go.  Some Birthday Month revelers keep it a bit more reasonable, at least as far as the money spent. Neither are all the celebrators attention whores, but they are still celebrating how amazingly deserving and special they are in their own way.  Maybe they have desert when they normally would not, or the $20 bottle of wine makes it home when usually the $10 bottle is what lands in the cart.  Sleeping in is free but it isn’t as Tweet worthy as a new mani AND pedi!  You can’t upload a picture of sleeping in.

Regardless of what end of the scale that someone feels they deserve to treat themselves at, it is the practice that I am trying to wrap my mind around. Why does someone feel the need to be special every day for an entire month? One day isn’t enough?  Apparently not in our society of self-entitled, over-indulged, Tweeted, selfie-loving minions of the internet. And let it be known that the Tweets, Facebook status updates, Instagrams, and whatever other social media the self-indulged are airbrushing their lives with these days, the hashtag #BirthdayMonth will be used. Ad nausea.

I will admit that I tried to treat myself special during my Birthday Month last year.  Oh, I Tweeted about the manicure and the dessert, and the sleeping-in rather than gym ratting it on a Saturday morning.  That nonsense lasted one week before I realized that I had missed or forgotten 4 of the 7 days in the first week to treat me special.  Hell, if I can’t splurge on myself for seven measly days in a row how the heck was I supposed to practice self- entitled indulgence for an entire month?  Call me a entitled failure if you must.  I can live with the stigma of it all as I haven’t given up entirely the idea of celebrating my Birthday Month. I just have to think about these things in a way that makes sense to sensible me and I think I have figured it out for this year.

Instead of spending money on shit I don’t need or want (or else I would already have it) I have a plan that is going to make the haters really hate and the posers are really going to have to Vogue it up to stay ahead of me. Oh yes, this par-tay girl is going to kick it old school and break bad all over the #BirthdayMonth idea.

This girl is going to rock a 30 day core challenge and kill a 30 day elimination diet.  Assuming that I am in a better place in 30 days then I will spend some solid cash on some new clothes but it won’t be because I am special.  It will be because my current clothes are too big.

To a majority of the Birthday Month celebrators this plan falls far short of the super cute and sparkly things that they would do but this is MY Birthday Month and it is what I want for myself. While I am kicking it old school on some abs I say: “Let them eat cake”!

Let them eat some of this cake!

                          Let them eat some of this cake!

I owe this to myself, because I am special, and I deserve to spend a month doing stuff and eating the things that are good for me and should help me be healthy and happier.  

So happy birthday, and Happy Birthday Month to me.

Now bring on the pain so I can nail this thing. 

Do you celebrate your Birthday Month? Have you ever done a one month food/physical challenge? Were the results what you were hoping for?



How I Plan To Celebrate My Birthday Month — 17 Comments

    • Paul, A June retirement sound delightful! My husband & I are working to towards an ‘early retirement’ and 62 sounds just about right. Hope you can do it!

    • I am late but thank you Samantha. Go run! I try to run but I’m not very good at it although I am getting better. 5 miles coming up tomorrow! I kind of hate the pretty days that I can’t/don’t run but hopefully there will be a lot more pretty days!

  1. You’re killing me. You’d love some of the stories my husband came home with when he used to work with a company infected by San Francisco hipsters (the SF variety are a special kind of entitled).

    Looking forward to hearing your progress–Go Pattie!
    Foxy Wine Pocket recently posted…First ConfessionsMy Profile

    • Foxy Kelly Pocket!
      Some stuff is too funny to make up. I know someone who absolutely imposes her birthday month on everyone. We are not friends. And girlfriend is too old to talk like a Val. Ww have a lot of stories to share. I see wine at Blog U!

    • Happy belated birthday, Kate! I think that you can still have Birthday Month. You just get your cake first and then all the other stuff that you deserve! Hahaha I read your guest post and I like her way of doing things. Hoard up gift cards to use all month, now THAT is a great idea. I totally like her #5 idea; to use the month to catch up with friends and family. I am going to do that, too.

  2. Happy Birthday Month, lol. I usually celebrate my birthday eve and birthday. I did a 30-day squat challenge in February and killed it! Then I tried the 30-day plank challenge in March and it killed me. Yep, that lasted about 5 days. This month I just kind of do whatever when I have a minute-squats, that ski -thingie, lunges, etc. I don’t have a set exercise regiment for this month. Maybe I’ll find one.

    • Ow Heather! I have tried the plank challenge and got about 1/2 way through it. I think it helped that there were side planks as well as the full out kind. But it was still tough. I could probably finish a squat challenge. Probably.
      This time I am determined to do the entire month because? I deserve a month of crunches! LOL

    • Hi Dana,
      I had visions of a weekly update on this post; it will keep me motivated because I sure don’t want to have to post that I have gained an inch! Thank you for reading!

    • Ashley,
      I am glad that you enjoyed the humor intended. And last year’s cake was delicious. We shared it with a lot of people! When it is your Birthday Week you should document/post all the special things that you do for you!

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