Wine is Proof That Happiness Can Be Bought

I disagree with the saying that ‘you can’t buy happiness’.  I would bet that the person who said it first was indeed trying to buy their happiness.  They just weren’t shopping in the right store. 

Don’t worry, I found the right store.  It is called the liquor store and I bet you have at least one in your neighborhood.  You’re welcome.

The best part about a store that sells happiness is that if you think that you are running low on your daily amount you can always buy some more!  No more settling for sticky fingers in your hair from a kid hugging you, or smelling the day after a spring rain or seeing the first blooms of the crocus. Nope, no need for any of that.  Happiness now comes in a glass, a bottle, and a box!  It’s like the tri-fecta of goodness.  It is a wine-wine.  See what I just did there?

I spent a lot of time alone during the first 20 years of my marriage so I needed to buy a lot of happiness.  

In fact, I liked to buy it by the case.  

Look!  A case of happiness!

Naked + Wine = Hells Yea! = Hella happiness!


Back in the day we would drink the grog of sailors.  We were, after all, the sailors’ first mates and they all drank deeply of the rum best known for it’s pirate lifestyle.  Captain Morgan me hearties, and all that Pirate Speak, too.

We were young and could drink all night and still function in the morning. Now, not so much. We have drunk our fill of rum by the 2 litre bottle with shots to accompany the barrel-sized drinks that we swallowed down. Oh, the opportunity to throw back a few decent shots is always one to be taken advantage of but, they are no longer required.

As age as slowed down our par-taay habits so has it helped us develop a taste for a few of the finer things in life. Such as wine.  We have learned that a meat lovers pizza (we prefer Papa John’s) goes delightfully well with

  1. a nice shiraz as easily as it pairs with
  2. a pinot noir or
  3. a crisp voignier.  

Three night’s worth of dinner menus right here.  You’re welcome, again. 

These days could be considered (the beginnings of) our days of wine and roses but please, don’t waste money on dead flowers if there are still bottles of wine on the shelves in the Happiness Store.

Yes, happiness can be bought. By the glass, the bottle or by the case.  And I will drink to that. 

About Pattie

I live in the Mid-Atlantic with my husband of 35+years. His 20 year career in the Navy serving on submarines was a struggle at times which led me to start this blog. Sometimes writing about how crappy things were can help lessen the bitterness of the memories. When writing doesn't help there is always wine. You can write to me at


Wine is Proof That Happiness Can Be Bought — 13 Comments

    • Hello Kelly Foxy Pocket! (I just love your ‘name’)
      We winers are pretty deft at pairing our drink of choice with food. I knew that you would appreciate the menus. Feel free to use any of them on any night. 😉

  1. I call it contentment at the bottom of a bottle. Oh wait, that was a blog post title. Close enough. Haha.

    Yes, wine possesses the magical power to make just about anything better. I sipped a delicious Cabarnet Sauvignon recently and paired it with goldfish crackers and pretzels. Quite the delightful pairing if I do say so. 🙂
    Kim recently posted…Living with Depression & How I’m Working on HealingMy Profile

    • Oh I like contentment at the bottom of a bottle! Isn’t it lovely how wines pair so nicely with so many different foods, such as Goldfish or pretzels? It’s like wine is the perfect food.

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